Playing with NoSQL Workbench for DynamoDB

We ❤️ DynamoDB

It's been our operational DB of choice for most of our AWS projects for the past few years. It's fast, it's scalable, it's low-cost...but there are drawbacks when you compare its development experience to other products.

Until recently, the only way of visually manipulating DynamoDB data has been via the AWS Console, aside from working with DynamoDB's key-attribute JSON (or normal JSON using the DocumentClient) locally and lobbing data across the wire using the API.

Enter NoSQL Workbench for Amazon DynamoDB, first released in August.

At long last, there's an IDE client for Mac and Windows to manage DynamoDB data from the comfort of your own machine. The client itself is split into three sections:

Data Modeler

In this view, you can perform high-level management tasks, such as creating new tables, adding GSIs, importing and exporting data, etc.


An area where you can quickly view table and index data and any defined access patterns (referred to as "facets") you may want to define.

Read more about Defining and Viewing Data Access Patterns.

Operation builder

A playground where you can build and test queries across your dataset. The following operations are currently available in this view: Put Item, Update Item, Delete Item, Query, Scan, TransactWriteItems.

Viewing an example table using the JSON viewer

The Workbench has been so fun for us to use so far and has saved us a bunch of time developing some new tables for our clients using both remote tables and now local tables with the newly-released DynamoDB Local.

Read more about these announcements here.

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