CloudFront: The One-Stop Shop CDN

We're all used to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in some way or another. Over the course of your digital life you'll have used one - knowingly or not - and many of you will have even developed a solution using one. Simply put, they're everywhere, and with very good reason.

A CDN sits between some servable content and its consumers, silently providing delivery acceleration by fetching source data and caching any slowly-changing material. Whilst this is great for static files (such as images, PDFs, etc.), it doesn't marry well with fully-dynamic content. Enter CloudFront.

Amazon's industry-leading CDN solution, CloudFront, combines the power of a traditional CDN with the added benefits of pattern-based passthru, allowing solution designers to create a single caching entrypoint for their web service's static and dynamic content.

For an additional boost, consider offloading simple, repetitive processing to Lambda@Edge, harnessing the speed of both Edge locations and Lambda FaaS it is now easy to create lightning-fast, low-cost web services for your customer's delectation!

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